The Untold Sacrifices Of A Small Business Owner

The Untold Sacrifices Of A Small Business Owner

The dream of small shop entrepreneurship has become an American dream since COVID 2020. Since then, the small shop world has had an explosion of new creators and shops popping up. Like many of you, I was/am one of those dreamers. In the midst of the pandemic, I created my small slice of paradise, Olive Soul. Originally, my dream was a small boutique nestled in a little corner shop in a small town, someday. But as life teaches us, curveballs are inevitable, and my little slice of paradise morphed into a passion for digital design. While the idea of being self-employed had its perks, I quickly learned there are a lot of untold sacrifices that come along with owning a small business.


Whether it is the need to keep up with social media algorithms, or chasing the trends, the work never ends. Your mind is constantly occupied with the needs of your business. Most SBO’s work endless hours, sacrificing precious time with family and loved ones.


The unpredictable nature of entrepreneurship leads us on a rollercoaster of emotions. The pressures to succeed, and the fear of failure is a burden you carry silently because your family depends on you. SBO’s often put on the poker face and push through the exhaustion, at a hefty price.

Self Sacrifice

Because of the time, and the rollercoaster, often we sacrifice our business’ most important asset, ourselves. We put the needs of the business, and the needs of those who depend on us above all else. We sacrifice ourselves both physically and mentally without thinking twice.